Grant: Stroke Survivor

Grant had been hosting backyard barbecues every summer and if you lived any where close to him you would definitely receive an invitation.

After a traumatic brain injury earlier that year you can imagine how excited he was to see his friends again. He now had impaired hand eye coordination but Grant was still set on flipping his neighbourhood famous burgers.
You can imagine the horror on the neighbours faces when Grant suddenly dropped his spatula, clutched his arm, and fell violently to the floor.
It was later discovered at the hospital that Grant had suffered from a stroke as a consequence of his earlier brain injury. 
If it wasn’t for people like you, Grant would not have discovered the courage within himself to push through and stay positive. 
You know that every person is worth saving. 
Grant found people like you at the Vancouver Brain Injury Association. 
Through support groups, rehab programs, and compassionate volunteers, Grant was able to return to his normal life.
Grant appreciates you for the strength you see within people, even when they can’t see it in themselves.
Your support, compassion, and kindness help stroke survivors like Grant deal with their lives post-injury. 
Especially in the times of COVID-19, Grant depends on people like you to provide resources and support groups to help get him back on his feet.
Your can change lives.