Emilia: Progressive Brain Disease

Emilia is someone who would give you a warm hug and a bright smile every time she saw you.

Her 5th grade students knew her as Mrs. Robertson, and experiencing her warmth in the classroom is something you never forget.
You would not have noticed that anything was wrong with Emilia, she seemed to be just fine. She would say “one day I woke up feeling strange”, but quickly would brush it off and ask you about your day.
Imagine Emilia’s concern when she started forgetting students names, daily tasks, her route to school.
Day to day living became frustrating and stressful.  You could see the light in Emilia’s eyes begin to dim. 
Then her doctor discovered Emilia was living with a progressive brain disease.  The doctor referred Emily to the Vancouver Brain Injury Association brain injury recovery program.
You know, Emilia soon responded to the friendship, therapies, and neurological exercise activities at Brain Gain Fridays.  Symptoms decreased and the progress of Emilia’s brain disease slowed.  
Because of people like you, Emilia got help, care, and a supportive community. 
People who care gave so Emilia could get her life back.
You can change the lives of people suffering with progressive brain injury.
Especially now, during  COVID time, people with brain disease need you more.
Your compassion changes someone’s life.

"Emilia" is a portrayal of a patient suffering from progressive brain disease.