Gerry: Long-Term Survivor

Imagine you are at a park camping, homeless.

In late 2009, that’s exactly what Gerry Dela Guerra was doing.
People like you knew Gerry as a renaissance man, musician, martial artist, and a construction worker. Then Gerry took a severe fall. He woke up in Lions Gate Hospital with a fractured skull, bleeding in his brain, spinal cord damage, severe motor skill damage, broken teeth, a shattered cheekbone and permanent vision loss in one eye.
You know Gerry’s life would never be the same.
Gerry got some short-term disability compensation, but the money ran dry. He camped in a park, preparing for a life of homelessness. Friends, people like you, urged him to continue looking for help.  Gerry found the Vancouver Brain Injury Association (VBIA).
Gerry attended support groups, counselling sessions and the Brain Gain Fridays rehab program. With help, he got his WorkSafeBC case reopened. Finally, Gerry was awarded a 100% disability pension.
Today, you are learning about Gerry as someone who has overcome the odds. Most brain injury survivors left destitute by insurers don’t recover.
You can help people like Gerry through VBIA, the Vancouver Brain Injury Association. Because of you people with brain injury recover, enjoy hobbies, and live a secure life. You know, despite all of the challenges, you can give people like Gerry the help they need. Because of you, people get their lives back.
Brain injury survivors often do not get the support that they need.  
In Vancouver, there are no shortage of brain injury survivors in need of aid, and each story is different. With the onset of COVID-19, these people need help now more than ever. 
You alone can make the difference.
Please help people like Gerry. You can give survivors the support they need.
"It was hard; I was at Oppenheimer park camping out with the rest of the homeless."
Brain Injury Survivor