Theresa: Athlete

You have probably met people who’s lives revolve around the sport they play.

Theresa was exactly that type of person. She would tell you with a winning smile that she “lived, breathed, and cried on the tennis court”., She wouldn’t have it any other way.
You know university tuition is expensive  nowadays. Theresa was counting on securing a tennis scholarship. Her sport wasn’t just a hobby, it was a career. 
Imagine the pressure, the high stakes of every single tennis match, the commitment  to give 110%. You feel your heart pumping, the sweat dripping down your face, the sun as it is beating down your back. Suddenly, you feel nothing.
Theresa woke up in the hospital to find out she had hit her head. She had a traumatic brain injury. 
Having your entire identity stolen from you in the blink of an eye makes recovery very traumatic.
Theresa sunk into despair. If it wasn’t for people like you, Theresa might not have recovered.
You support, you are compassionate, you reach out a hand and help those who have fallen down. You value community and coming together to make people strong.
Theresa found people like you at the Vancouver Brain Injury Association.
 Through support groups, rehab programs, and new found friendships, she began to get back on her feet.
Theresa thanks people like you for giving her the chance to become herself again, one serve at a time.
Through your kindness, support, and generosity, athletes like Theresa can recover more quickly and more completely from a brain injury.
With the emergence of COVID-19, these people are in need of support more than ever.
You can make a life changing difference.